Race Starts In 244 Days

23 - 29 September 2018
6 stages, 7 days • Self-supported foot race • 170 Miles (273 km)

Dave McMahon, Canada

The best organized event I have attended since the Olympics. WoW!  
-  Dave McMahon, Canada 

Gregory Castle, USA

For anyone who enjoys facing a huge physical and mental challenge amid some of the most stunningly beautiful panoramas in the world, the G2G Ultra is perfect for you.  Very well organized, wonderful people in the race and volunteering, all make for a tough but never-to-be-forgotten event.  I had a blast!
-  Gregory Castle, USA

Keziah Trump, UK

"When we come close to those things that break us down, we touch those things that also break us open. And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature." W.Muller. ‬‪I never expected a race to have such a huge impact on my life.

 -  Keziah Trump, UK

Say Sphabmixay, France

I've been to many races before. Some where harder, longer, hotter, colder, with more climbing, etc... most of them made me think of stopping this sport called "trail running". But this year G2G made me want to come back and meet my new friends.

Say Sphabmixay, France

Josh Garza, USA

G2G, the body's response to the things that make you think hmmm. The toughest, most intense painstaking run that's easily recoverable.

- Josh Garza, USA