Race Starts In 244 Days

23 - 29 September 2018
6 stages, 7 days • Self-supported foot race • 170 Miles (273 km)

Brett Lawrence, UK

When you find yourself in a far off place and it causes you to re-think some things, you start to think that slowly you are becoming someone else. You will make the most amazing new friends and you start to think the things that have been lost on you are now as clear as a bell.‬ ‪If you are going through life so sure of where you are heading and you wind up lost, it’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.‬ You will laugh, you will cry, you will be knocked down and you will get up again.‬ You will wonder what the hell you are doing here, but nothing can ever compare to the elation of crossing that finish line.‬ ‪If you want to find a new you then get on that start line. What’s the worst that can happen. ‬ Oh and by the way, easy it ain’t
-  Brett Lawrence, UK

James Garner, USA

The most physical and mentally challenging thing I’ve done since Marine Corp boot camp.

-  James Garner, USA

Michele Graglia, Italy

It’s been a wonderful journey, a real adventure. An experience I will never forget. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed I had the opportunity to share all of it with some of the best people I’ve ever met. The friendship through harshness and the solid bonds this race has created are bound to last a lifetime.
-  Michele Graglia, Winner of the G2G Ultra, 2014

Elizabeth Hamrick, USA

G2G marked three things off my bucket list: stage race, Grand Canyon, slot canyons!

 Elizabeth Hamrick, USA

Andrea Duggan, UK

‪Just awesome! Truly incredibly awesome. Camaraderie that lifts the spirit and feeds your soul. Breathtaking but brutal landscapes that will push your body and mind to their limits. Once you emerge, you will be a stronger, more resilient person.
Andrea Duggan, UK