Race Starts In 244 Days

23 - 29 September 2018
6 stages, 7 days • Self-supported foot race • 170 Miles (273 km)

Telma Altoon, Armenia

Grand to Grand is the most intense, surprising, intimate and exciting emotional experience and extremely challenging, brutal and satisfying physical experience any human or athlete can experience. The relationships and bonds formed during G2G are indescribable and so incredibly fulfilling.
-  Telma Altoon, Armenia

Antony Birks, UK

The adventure of a lifetime.
-  Antony Birks, UK

Julie White, USA

The Grand to Grand was without a doubt the most challenging, beautiful, and rewarding experience of my life. I made lifelong friends and have been forever changed by having participated.
-  Julie White, USA‬

Becky Le Baron, USA

G2G was nothing less than the coolest thing I've ever done. A life-changing experience.
Becky Le Baron, USA