Race Starts In 213 Days

23 - 29 September 2018
6 stages, 7 days • Self-supported foot race • 170 Miles (273 km)

G2G Race Experiences

Best race and best race directors! So much fun!

- Laurie Colon, USA

I attempted this in 2016, didn't make it all the way but even so it is a memory I will keep forever, can't wait to go back and try again, highly recommend and can't say enough good things about the people that volunteer and organize this.

- Joel Koscielski, USA

I join many races but have never had this sweet feeling before.
I enjoyed G2G so much - it was a lovely run.
The staff is perfectly organized, the medical team is very professional and the volunteers are very passionate.
This is definitely the best ultra marathon race.
- Tommy Chen, Taiwan, Winner of the G2G Ultra 2015

The Grand to Grand was without a doubt the most challenging, beautiful, and rewarding experience of my life. I made lifelong friends and have been forever changed by having participated.
-  Julie White, USA‬

Superbly organized and designed race -- You'll never more enjoy getting your ass kicked so hard.

- Peter Opdahl, USA

The most physical and mentally challenging thing I’ve done since Marine Corp boot camp.
-  James Garner, USA

Just awesome! Truly incredibly awesome. Camaraderie that lifts the spirit and feeds your soul. Breathtaking but brutal landscapes that will push your body and mind to their limits. Once you emerge, you will be a stronger, more resilient person.
-  Andrea Duggan, UK

I am in awe of your organisation, I feel so privileged to have run in such an area and it will be a hard one to match anywhere in the world. Thank you so much for giving us all such an amazing experience, it will rank up there with one of my favourite races. An unforgettable experience. A week I will remember fondly for many years to come.
–  Sharon Gayter, UK, world record holder and first female at G2G 2012

I don’t know how many races I've done in my life, but I assure you that there have been many. I’ve met many organizations and many runners. But this has been one of the best organizations I've ever met. My sincere congratulations to the organization and all runners who made it possible for me to spend a few days in a place as wonderful and spectacular.
–  Salvador Calvo Redondo, Spain, winner of 23 ultra marathons worldwide and first winner of the G2G Ultra

The event was unbelievably fantastic. This must be the best self-supported ultra in the world today!
-  Jo Petersen, New Zealand

G2G marked three things off my bucket list: stage race, Grand Canyon, slot canyons!
- Elizabeth Hamrick, USA

I was impressed by the quality of the race, the way it was organized (very professional), the beauty of the landscapes, the state of mind of the G2G team and the runners. I believe the G2G Ultra will soon become a classic within the best running events in the world (and I have seen a lot of sport events in my career).
- Laurent Bouvet, France  

When you find yourself in a far off place and it causes you to re-think some things, you start to think that slowly you are becoming someone else. You will make the most amazing new friends and you start to think the things that have been lost on you are now as clear as a bell.‬ ‪If you are going through life so sure of where you are heading and you wind up lost, it’s the best thing that will ever happen to you.‬ You will laugh, you will cry, you will be knocked down and you will get up again.‬ You will wonder what the hell you are doing here, but nothing can ever compare to the elation of crossing that finish line.‬ ‪If you want to find a new you then get on that start line. What’s the worst that can happen. ‬ Oh and by the way, easy it ain’t.
-  Brett Lawrence, UK

Thanks Tess and Colin and all the other organisers/advisors of the G2G race for organising such an amazing event!!! Everything was perfect, the course, the campsites (incl real toilets every time!), the welcome cheers when arriving at a checkpoint/finish! Loved it all! Big kiss!
–  Astrid Valks, Netherlands

G2G.....WOW ...epic, challenging and breathtaking....We all started out as strangers and ended the week as one big family. How lucky I have been to experience such an incredible event. I went away feeling like I had discovered just a bit more about myself and truly believe when you think you can't you really can..... Just Dream Big. Thank you everyone for making the week so special.
- Sandy Suckling, Australia - First Female, G2G 2015

The best organized event I have attended since the Olympics. WoW!  
-  Dave McMahon, Canada 

Grand to Grand is the most intense, surprising, intimate and exciting emotional experience and extremely challenging, brutal and satisfying physical experience any human or athlete can experience. The relationships and bonds formed during G2G are indescribable and so incredibly fulfilling.
-  Telma Altoon, Armenia

For anyone who enjoys facing a huge physical and mental challenge amid some of the most stunningly beautiful panoramas in the world, the G2G Ultra is perfect for you.  Very well organized, wonderful people in the race and volunteering, all make for a tough but never-to-be-forgotten event.  I had a blast!
-  Gregory Castle, USA

The adventure of a lifetime.
-  Antony Birks, UK

G2G, the body's response to the things that make you think hmmm. The toughest, most intense painstaking run that's easily recoverable.
- Josh Garza, USA

G2G was nothing less than the coolest thing I've ever done. A life-changing experience.
- Becky Le Baron, USA

‪I've been to many races before. Some where harder, longer, hotter, colder, with more climbing, etc... most of them made me think of stopping this sport called "trail running". But this year G2G made me want to come back and meet my new friends.
- Say Sphabmixay, France

"When we come close to those things that break us down, we touch those things that also break us open. And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature." W.Muller. ‬‪I never expected a race to have such a huge impact on my life.
-  Keziah Trump, UK

It’s been a wonderful journey, a real adventure. An experience I will never forget. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed I had the opportunity to share all of it with some of the best people I’ve ever met. The friendship through harshness and the solid bonds this race has created are bound to last a lifetime.
-  Michele Graglia, Winner of the G2G Ultra, 2014