Grand to Grand Ultra

camp 1 aCamp 1 at the edge of the Grand Canyon

One magical aspect of the Grand to Grand Ultra is the camp. Each morning, the camp is erected in a unique location in readiness for the arrival of our competitors. The camp comprises large stand up tents, each of which accommodates eight competitors, as well as the medical tent, cyber-tent, hot and cold water supplies and clean, comfortable portable toilets. 

        camp 2Camp 2 with the Vermillion Cliffs in the background       

 camp 4Camp 4 with views of Zion to the north 

While the competitors are busy out on the course, our hard working camp crew is busy transporting and creating the next camp in a remote location.

 campcrew2 smallThe G2G camp crew busy at work 

campcrew3 smallOur custom made tents are large enough to stand up in

magical camps thumbnailA perfect ending to a long day on the trails


The G2G camps have the perfect ambience. Competitors socialize both inside their tents but also mix in the areas around the campfire and cyber-tent. It is the perfect place to recover from your hard day on the course and put your feet up!






The G2G course was designed in such a way as to provide for unique campsites with breathtaking views. The unique Camp 1 is located at a remote rim of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders Of The World. Camp 2 is nestled at the bottom of the Vermillion Cliffs, which are home to the California condors, America’s largest bird. Camp 3 is surrounded by beautiful red mesas in the middle of the desert. Elephant Butte camp, which is also the Long Stage camp, has a panoramic view of famous Zion National Park. Camp 5 has a close up view of the unusual Diana’s Throne while Camp 6 is at higher altitude - at the base of the Pink Cliffs and the remarkable hoo-doos.

All of the camps are special and provide you with an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

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