Grand to Grand Ultra

As COVID evolves from a pandemic disease to an endemic one, our protocols at G2G/M2M must change as well. Our overall goal is to get as many runners back out on the trail while still providing a safe environment to do so. Therefore, starting with G2G 2022, our COVID policies have been updated to include the following:

1. We strongly encourage all runners to be fully vaccinated against COVID. “Fully vaccinated” means you have received two doses of Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca/Covishield/Sinopharm/Sinovac (or equivalent) or a single dose of Johnson and Johnson (or equivalent) as advised by the CDC, as being accepted.
2. Booster vaccinations are encouraged if recommended but not required.
3. Runners who are fully vaccinated will need to upload proof of vaccination as directed prior to your arrival in Kanab.
4. Runners who are NOT fully vaccinated will be allowed to participate but must provide the results of a negative COVID test (antigen or PCR) administered within 72 hrs of race check-in (ie taken after 1 pm on Sept 13th). Self-administered tests will not be accepted. Non-vaccinated runners without a negative test will not be allowed to check-in.
5. ALL volunteers are still required to be fully vaccinated.
6. Masks will be optional at checkpoints and in camp for both runners and staff.
7. Any runner/volunteer who appears to develop symptoms during the course can be asked to take a rapid antigen test and, if positive, will be asked to leave camp for the safety of others.

This policy is currently in place however we reserve the right to make changes should Covid-19 conditions deteriorate and government guidelines change.

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