Grand to Grand Ultra

Both G2G and M2M are USA Track & Field (USATF) sanctioned events. We are therefore adhering to the USATF Event Hosting Guidance in respect of COVID-19. This will ensure that we are following best practice to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection for all our competitors, staff and volunteers. The guidance is based on specific advice of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the CDC and the WHO on event hosting and mass gatherings. We will in addition be following the state rules and regulations as set by the public health authorities of Arizona and Utah.

We will issue details of our COVID-19 protocol nearer to the event start. However, you should note that the USATF imposes fewer restrictions on those who have been fully vaccinated. Several major races in the USA and around the world are now requiring all competitors to be fully vaccinated before the start. We will therefore be following this practice and permitting only those who have been fully vaccinated (CDC definition) at least two weeks prior to the race.

We will also be doing our best to ensure a bubble around the event which would include the camps and on the course. Much of the event is already geared towards COVID-19 safety with group gatherings such as the Race Check-in, Welcome Dinner, Last Supper and Awards Party all taking place outdoors. Hand sanitiser has always been provided at the checkpoints and further measures will be taken to disinfect common surfaces as well as minimise contact. Any decision on testing, mask wearing and social distancing, based on USATF guidance at the time, will be taken closer to the event start date when all competitors will be informed.

This is a “live” document that we will continue to update in the coming months as we approach the race dates in September 2022.

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