Grand to Grand Ultra

The Grand to Grand Ultra 2019 will take place from 22nd to 28th September 2019 in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, USA.

Entry Fee: US$3,550 per individual

To register, please complete the online REGISTRATION FORM in full. 

You will receive an email in due course advising you whether your application has been successful.

A deposit of US$1,000 is then required to confirm your place in your nationality quota. Please note that your deposit must be paid within a week upon receiving an email confirmation of your entry being successful, otherwise your spot in your nationality quota will be released. The Entry Fee balance is payable no later than 22nd May 2019. In the event that the Entry Fee is not paid in full by 22nd May 2019, a penalty of US$200 is payable and any previously offered discount will be withdrawn so that the full fee becomes payable.

Alternatively the total amount of the Entry Fee may be paid in full at the time of the online application.
Should participants wish to register as a team, then each team member should note this on their application and provide the name of their team. Each team should consist of 3 team members. Please read the additional Rules Relating to Teams under Rules and Regulations.

Waiting List

In the event that your application is unsuccessful due to the available spots being previously filled, your name will then go on the waiting list without charge and in the order in which it is received. You will be notified if spots become available.

Arrival and Departure - Kanab, Utah

Participants will need to arrive in Kanab, Utah no later than Thursday, 19th September 2019. (However, we would encourage participants to arrive earlier in order to acclimatize)

There are no scheduled bus departures between Las Vegas and Kanab. Apart from the chartered bus transfers mentioned below, the best option to get to Kanab is to rent a car, which needs to be driven back to Las Vegas as there are no car rental drop locations in Kanab.

There are numerous car rental agencies at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.
However, we have negotiated a 15% discount off of current rental rates at Enterprise Rent A Car in Nevada. To receive the discounted rate, a link will be provided in due course.

Special chartered bus transfers by LD Tours departing from McCarran International Airport to Kanab will be available on the following dates and time:
• Monday, 16th September 2019: 4:00 PM
• Tuesday, 17th September 2019: 4:00 PM
• Wednesday, 18th September 2019: 4:00 PM
• Thursday, 19th September 2019: 4:00 PM
After the race, there will be a bus transfer from Kanab to McCarran International Airport on:
• Sunday, 30th September 2019: 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
** Please note that Las Vegas is on PST (Pacific Standard Time) and Kanab is on MST (Mountain Standard Time). Kanab is one hour ahead of Las Vegas.

Bus fee:  $75/person, one-way

More details of the bus transfers and how to book them will be provided in due course.

The drive takes 3.5 to 4 hours from Las Vegas to Kanab.
We recommend that you book your return flight to depart no earlier than 2:00pm (for the 8am departure) and 4pm (for the 10am departure)

What the Entry Fee includes:

Ground Transportation

  • Saturday, 21st September: transport from Kanab to first bivouac on rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Saturday, 28th September: transport from Finish Line to Kanab and return travel to the Awards Dinner from Kanab

Overnight Accommodations

For the evening(s) of:

  • Friday, 20th September: hotel accommodation in Kanab
  • Saturday, 21st September through Friday, 27th Sept: space in a 10-man tent at roving campsite
  • Saturday, 28th September: hotel accommodation in Kanab

Food & Beverage

  • Friday, 20th September: Welcome dinner in Kanab
  • Saturday, 21st September: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Water for the duration of the race
  • Saturday, 28th September: lunch at the finish line and Awards Dinner in Kanab

Race Amenities

  • On course medical support
  • Storage of all luggage during the race
  • Race course book
  • Finisher's buckle
  • Shirt
  • Finisher’s Certificate
  • Sponsor Goodie Bag

Each checkpoint (CP) is staffed by experienced race trained volunteers and a medical professional. In addition to water, each CP is supplied with hand sanitiser, shade, seats, electrolytes (although we recommend competitors bring their own) and garbage bags.

Registration Deadline

Registration for 2019 will close on 30th June 2019, or earlier if quotas have been filled.

Cancellation Policy

All participants will receive a refund of the total fees paid to date, less US$500 admin fee, if a cancellation notice has been received by the Organizer by 22nd May 2019. No fees will be refunded if any cancellation notice is received after 22nd May 2019.

All entry fees are non-transferrable and may not be deferred to any future events.

The only exception to this will be for a participant who suffers a valid injury, in which case, any such claim must be supported by a doctor’s letter explaining why the runner cannot participate. Such a deferral will only be allowed on a one-time basis, for the following year only and will incur a deferral fee of US$200. No other reasons will be accepted for deferral.


We are delighted to offer the following discounts:

* No discount can be combined with any other discount.

*In the event you enjoy a discount to the full fee, the deposit remains at US$1,000 with the discounted balance falling due by 22nd May 2019.

G2G Alumni

All persons who have previously signed up and paid in full for a previous Grand to Grand event are entitled to a 10% discount off any future events.

Bring a Friend

If you have participated in the Grand to Grand Ultra or the Mauna to Mauna Ultra before and then bring a friend with you, who has not yet done G2G, we will give you 20% off your entry fee. If you bring more than one friend with you, we will give you a 20% discount for each friend you bring. So if you bring five friends, your entry will be free!

Just be sure to have your friend put your name down on their online application under “How did you hear about this event?” for you to receive the benefit.

The friend has to be known by the G2G alumni before they submit their application and the friend’s name must be submitted in their online entry application.

In the event that the friend withdraws their application before paying for their entry fee in full, then the discount is also withdrawn.


All persons over the age of 65 will receive a discount of 10%.


All current serving and ex-military personnel will receive a discount of 10%. Please provide a copy of your military ID.


For the Grand to Grand Ultra 2019, the total number of participants will be limited to 170 and a quota is being imposed for each nationality as follows:

CountryMaximum number of entries accepted
USA 45
Canada 10
UK 25
Other European 40
Japan 10
Australia & New Zealand 20
Central and South America  5
Rest of the World 15

* The Organizer retains the right to change quotas and the total number of participants

G2G 2019 is expected to be a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB) 2020.

The Grand to Grand Ultra 2018 has been granted the maximum six (6) qualifying points (new scale) for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB) 2019.

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