Grand to Grand Ultra

Elisabet Barnes

tess bio updateElisabet Barnes is an expert in multi-stage ultra-running. She has placed on the podiums in extreme desert races all over the world, including G2G in 2016. She understands the demands of the race first hand, and the complexity of mastering all the areas that are required to have a successful and enjoyable experience. Elisabet has 30+ years of running experience and has been coaching runners and walkers for ultra-marathons for more than 10 years. A digital nomad, Elisabet has her base in Norway but travels frequently, preferably to warmer places. She serves her global client base online.  Coaching with Elisabet for the G2G is a fully supported experience aimed at helping you achieve your desired outcome, while taking into consideration your unique life circumstances. The training plan is bespoke and includes support with realistic goal setting, equipment, fuelling, foot care, mindset, confidence building, acclimation, and race strategy. Elisabet loves to work with clients of all abilities.  Read more at


Trevor Davenport

jen segger profile pic copy 2Trevor has been coaching for nearly 2 decades and takes tremendous pride in seeing his athletes put in the hard work and finish strong. Nothing is more important than being prepared and enjoying the journey! He is a self-professed mid-packer (despite his 4th male/7th OA 2023 G2G finish) who encourages athletes of all abilities to grow physically and mentally by taking on new challenges.
As an endurance adventurer, ultra-marathoner and engineer Trevor is experienced in the rigors of what it takes to push your body and mind to the limits and embraces his Type-A personality when it comes to planning the logistics, gear, nutrition and pacing of any given race or adventure like G2G. Based out of Phoenix, AZ (for 17 years), he knows how to properly acclimate to the desert and can provide G2G-specific advice on hydration, fueling and gear. His online training plans are all uniquely individualized to accommodate your specific work, life, and family needs. Learn more about Trevor and coaching opportunities at:


Jen Segger

jen segger profile pic copy 2Jen is a recognized leader in the coaching industry over the past almost 20 years. As a veteran of ultra-running and endurance sports, Jen has competed at the highest level. Jen applies her first-hand knowledge and experience to all those she coaches. Jen works exclusively online, allowing athletes across the world to better access her services. In addition to the individualized training plans that Jen writes, her athletes receive specific and individual guidance in nutrition as it relates to meeting the demands and stress of training.  Jen has had many athletes toe the line at the G2G since the first edition in 2012. She will guide your gear choices, fuelling, foot care and race strategy. Stand on that start line knowing you are prepared and ready for the experience of a lifetime.  To find out more about coaching with Jen go to:


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